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Welcome to 1xen

At 1xen we believe our VPS plans should be seen as “a step up” from an entry level dedicated server!

We own all of our hardware outright and exclusively utilise Dell R300 servers which are designed for maximum reliability and performance.

All our servers are configured with dual hot-plug redundant power supplies and multiple hot-plug hard drives in RAID. Should a hard drive or power supply fail the server will continue running as normal and we can replace it without you even noticing!

The Dell R300 is the highest performing 1-socket quad-core server available. All of our servers are configured with 24GB of memory and the latest Intel quad core Xeon processors to provide you with a fast, reliable VPS.

Enterprise features like these mean a 1xen VPS is a step up from an entry level dedicated server and provides performance and reliability your business can trust.

1xen is changing its outlook for 2015, and focusing more on the property and home improvement sector. With securing a major client in Sunderland Roofer and also Sell Your House Quickly 1xen is now ready to proceed with further ventures in this niche. If you have a website similar to the two above why not get in touch with us for a free appraisal.